Friday, December 31, 2010

My Soul Hungered, pt. 1

One of my favorite Book of Mormon stories is the story of Enos. He is one of my heroes. His story is a good example of an obedient son remembering the words of his father. It is an account of one who was faithful and who kept true to the faith. Enos was not perfect and in his book he never gave that impression. However, amiss his flaws he tried to do what was right. He prayed, and the power of prayer was made manifested in his account.

Heavenly Father wants all of His children to pray to Him. He loves us and He cares for us greatly. In my next blog entry I will share how prayer has helped me in my own life. However, at this time I want to encourage you to read the Book of Enos found in the Book of Mormon. It is a powerful story.

In moments of our lives we too struggle and wonder where we fit in this universal scheme of things. Our souls hunger for truth, and for placement. We feel the need to belong, we desire to know our purpose, and we relish any truth and peace that we can find. We struggle to know where to go. Enos remembered the words of his earthly father, Jacob, and knew that he had to pray. So he prayed, and Enos records the answer he received after he had prayed. God does answer prayers. He will answer yours, and He will answer the prayers of all those who humbly kneel before Him.

I bear you my testimony that prayer works. It is powerful. I have seen miracles happen because of prayer. Heavenly Father loves you, and cares for you far more than anyone else in the universe. Don't ever feel like He doesn't care. He does listen, and He knows you. Do you know Him? How can you know Him, unless you pray and talk with Him on a daily and personal basis. So pray, and come to know God, and Jesus Christ, whom He has sent because He loves you.

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