Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Super Elders!

One of the things that I have started doing while on my mission was to draw comic strips. It first started while I was in Cody, WY. My companion at the time asked me what were some of my hobbies. I told him I liked to draw and I like comic books. He asked me if I had ever drawn comics about missionary work. I thought about it and thus...SUPER ELDERS was born.

I think that missionary work be considered "super." For two years young men and women are going beyond what any normal human being would. They face opposition almost everyday of their service. They all share a common objective and a common ally, the Holy Ghost. They also face one of the most evil villains of all time, the Adversary, in a daily struggle for other's souls! It is hard at times but is very much worth it. The joy of saving "some soul" is far suburb comparatively to reaching the conclusion of any good comic book. I feel that for me, drawing has been a way of expressing my own feelings. It has helped me use the talents that the Lord has given me to serve other people. In every area I have had, i try to share with them this gift in hopes to strengthen the relationships between missionaries and everyone else, and to bring them closer to Christ, which is the ultimate goal.

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